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Ship's History

From: DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN NAVAL FIGHTING SHIPS, James L. Mooney, ed., Naval Historical Center, Department of the Navy, Washington


Length Overall: 624'6"
Extreme Beam: 97'6"
Normal Displacement: Tons: 32,600
Mean Draft: 30'6"
Designed Complement: Off.: 58
                     Enl.: 1022
   (8) 16"/45
  (12)  5"/51
   (4)  3"/50 AA
 Torpedo Tubes: (2) 21" submerged
Armor : Belt: 13 1/2"
        Turrets: 18"
            2nd (armor) deck:  3 1/2"
            3rd (splinter) deck: 1 1/2"
        Conning Tower: 16"
Catapults: None
Designed Speed: 21
Designed Shaft Horsepower: 28,900
Engines: Manufacturer: Wstgh.
         Type: Turbine
Boilers: Manufacturer: BW
         No.: 8
Fuel (oil): Tons: 4570
Drive: TE

WASHINGTON (Battleship No. 47) was laid down on 30 June 1919 at BB-47 on 17 July 1920; launched on 1 September 1921; and sponsored by Miss Jean Summers, the daughter of Congressman J. W. Summers of Washington state. However, on 8 February 1922, two days after the signing of the Washington Treaty for the Limitation of Naval Armaments on 6 February 1922, all construction work ceased on the 75.9 percent completed dreadnought. Ultimately, her incomplete hulk was towed out to sea, where she was sunk as a gunnery target on 26 November 1924.


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